I am pleased to recommend Mrs. Alberta Brown as an instructor 
 to your school. I had Mrs. Brown as a first time Instructor, she is 
 an excellent Instructor. I have worked at a Flower Shop for
 more than 12 years and was never able to make an arrangement. 
 When I started her class, I came out with so much knowledge of
 Floral Arranging and Design.
 Mrs. Brown would definitely be an asset to your school.
 Mrs. Josephine Littles

  I am a former student of Alberta Brown.  I found her class to be very     instructional with a lot of great information on Floral Designs. 
 Even though I work with flowers a lot, I did learn a lot of techniques
 that I feel will be very useful too me in the future.  I did enjoy taking
 her class and working with different students that all had different
 ideas. I feel that I came away from her with a lot of new ideas and
 knowledge that I am sure will be very helpful to me in the future.
  Kathy Cloutier

 I attended a Floral Class taught by Mrs. Alberta Brown, in spring
 of 2009 at Palm Beach Lakes High School.  It was a class with high   Professionalism. She started the class on time and kept the interest
 high, always helping the students who came in late.  I went into
 the class with one interest in mind, but through her enthusiasm 
 and expertise, when the class ended I had a new goal; too be a florist.
 Altamease N. Buie

 Having completed the Intermediate Level of Floral Design
 with Alberta Brown, I can honestly tell you that I have learned so
 much in a short amount of time. The Intermediate Course
 included everything from Bow making to Dish Gardens,       Tropical Arrangements to Bridal Bouquets.  Mrs. Brown
 teaches with an obvious love of flowers and floral design.
 Her passion for the floral industry transcends to the classroom.
 I have gained confidence throughout the time spent in this class.
 I would not hesitate to recommend the Intermediate Level Course
 to all those who wish to go on in the Floral Industry.

  Melissa Mills

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